Yellowstone Southern Baptist Association
Thursday, October 19, 2017
The Six-Point Challenge

Six Points of Challenge of the Everyone Can Kingdom Challenge:
Train and Equip
I will try my best to participate in the classes offered by my church that I may learn to personally be more effective in reaching out to those with ministry needs and to those who are lost and need Christ as their Savior, including my family and friends.
Witness and Win
I will try my best to participate in the ministry and evangelism visitation efforts offered by my church and Sunday School class in order to express Christian love, concern and care to those around us beginning with family and friends. I understand that if you witness, you win. If you don’t, you lose.
I will try my best to help new Christians to understand and appreciate the joy and obedience of believer’s baptism and help them in any way I can to be baptized soon. Furthermore, I’ll do my best to help at least one person to be baptized at our church on this coming Easter Sunday and the last Sunday in September. These may be some of my own family members and friends.
I will try my best to learn and apply God’s biblical teaching on stewardship for the expansion of His Kingdom through my life, His church, and in cooperation with other Southern Baptist Convention churches.
Vacation Bible School
I will try my best to be personally involved in some way in the upcoming Vacation Bible School. In today’s world, I am convinced we must touch and reach our children and their parents for Christ now.
Start New Units
I will try my best to encourage and help the effort to start new Sunday School classes and/or new churches. At least I can encourage the start of a new Sunday School class.


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